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Gene$i$/RaptorX2/OmegaX2 here, trying to reconnect

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Gene$i$/RaptorX2/OmegaX2 here, trying to reconnect

Post by nvz » 1 year ago

Been a faithful PC gamer since my first online FPS Nightfire. Gonna keep it short and simple, went by 3 different names over the years, RaptorX2, OmegaX2 and Gene$i$. I hung out A LOT in the Gamespy Arcade room. If anyone wants to chat, reconnect or whatever, my contact info is:

Steam: Novazgen
Discord: nvz#3074

I remember playing/talking a lot with players like BK250, Redeye, Ricecooker, Ashley, 2GoldenBullet$, SuperMario, DeathOnAStick, UnlimitedPower, j4, Diablo(went by cashmoney later I think?), and more. OH! And that guy who said Rif, used the pen a lot in servers, DRAKE! I started the noob {VAC} Clan and I held the record for being in the most clans.

Let's play!

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Re: Gene$i$/RaptorX2/OmegaX2 here, trying to reconnect

Post by Rise2Shine » 1 year ago

Welcome, welkom, bienvenida, willkommen
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