Is there any chance of VR ?

General talk about the Nightfire: Source mod.
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Is there any chance of VR ?

Post by MrRJGreen » 1 year ago

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but never mind...
Basically wondering if it would be possible for anyone on the team to make this VR compatible, I loved Nightfire so much, my favourite 007 game for sure, and just think it'd be awesome to play it in vr, and I'm sure there would be a lot of others with the same thinking too.

I imagine the team is busy anyway, so I understand if you couldn't\wouldn't want to, mainly just throwing a thought out there really.

Thanks guys

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Re: Is there any chance of VR ?

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I would love it for all the wrong reasons. Destination workshop tools are compatible with .obj models and with .tga texture files. They finally ditch those horrible outdated mdl and vtf files.

But in all seriousness. I have not looked in depth in the new VR tools, so I cannot judge it accurately. But from what I have seen, it would mean making a complete new game. Both visually with photogrammetry scenes and new GUI as with game mechanics compatible with the VR.

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