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Developer, Programmer, Modeler

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Developer, Programmer, Modeler

Post by liukang » 2 years ago

I'd like to contribute to this project in whatever way I can.

My day job is application security ("ethical hacking"), but I started my career in development and still write a lot of code. They're not my favorite languages but I know C++ and C#.

Have not worked with Source or Steam before, but figuring out software is what I do for a living.

Additionally, I have basic level design (Unreal) and 3D modeling (3DS Max, ZBrush) skills. From screwing around with Unreal Tournament. :nerd:

More than happy to disclose more info and/or my resume over PM.

I have great Nightfire memories from childhood and hate to see this project stagnate. I've contemplated my own reboot in Unreal, but would rather join the progress made here. (y)

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Re: Developer, Programmer, Modeler

Post by » 2 years ago

I send a PM.