Nightfire Source doesn't show up in Steam  [SOLVED]

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Re: Nightfire Source doesn't show up in Steam

Post by ActionDome » 3 years ago

Hey fellow people! I got the same problem. I have 2 Steam folders. I have the nightfiresource folder in my Steam -> Sourcemods folder which is on the second drive. I thought about putting it in the original Steam -> Sourcemods folder but i have NoMoreRoomInHell on my second drive in the Sourcemods folder and Steam let it show up in my library. Why doesn't nightfiresource? Do i really have to put it into the original Sourcemods folder? Because i did all steps of the SVN installation correctly and i can't imagine something different than the nightfiresource folder just needed to be in the original Sourcemods folder.

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Re: Nightfire Source doesn't show up in Steam

Post by Rise2Shine » 3 years ago

It is very important that all files (nightfiresource) and the Source SDK are on the same Steam installation.
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