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Hosting a Server

Post by billlanden69 » 3 years ago

Evening all,
You may have noticed that there is usually a distinct lack of servers other than in specific community events. This is because, quite simply, there aren’t any. Since the admins are probably too busy working on the game itself, I have uploaded this short guide on server hosting. This guide covers server hosting (as you might expect) and the main error that I have encountered whilst hosting. If you have an error that I haven’t mentioned, post it below and I’ll look at it when I next have time (you’ll probably have to wait quite a while if I’m honest!).
Step 1-Download the game!
There are other posts about this elsewhere.
Step 2-Port forward
You’ll need to port forward if you want people to join from networks other than your local network: if you EXCLUSIVELY want to host a LAN server, skip this step. Port forward on the port 27015 for both UDP and TCP. In the event that you have no idea how to port forward, never fear; there is a whole host of 12 year-old Minecraft players who have made YouTube videos on this for every internet provider known to man. The essential point, regardless of your internet provider, is to enter 27015 into the ‘to’ and ‘from’ boxes (relating to range) for both the UDP and TCP options. Then bind this to your computer. This should make sense having seen a tutorial for your specific provider.
Step 3-Options
Now you’ll want to specify the rules of your server. Follow the file path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\nightfiresource\cfg In this folder open Server.cfg with note pad. Here you’ll have all of the basic server options which you can change at your discretion. I recommend pasting sv_lan 0 onto a given line if do not want your server to be a LAN server. In addition, changing the RCON password from dylan is advised. Once you’ve chosen the settings you want, simply open NF source and select create server.
"LAN servers are restricted to local clients (Class C)"
If you get this message having entered sv_lan 0 into Server.cfg, do the following. Go into settings (in game) and tick ‘enable developer console’ (the console can then be accessed by pressing the tilde key: the key usually below escape). Upon creating the server, select any map other than the map you wish to play. Once you’ve loaded in, open the developer console and type map “mapname”. So if you wanted to play dm_skyrail, you’d type “map dm_skyrail”. Players from outside you network should now be able to join.

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