Stuff kept from Console and PC  [SOLVED]

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Stuff kept from Console and PC

Post by Prince Gumball » 5 years ago


I heard that the team is doing a balanced port from both the PC and Console versions like it was said here ... ?f=8&t=122
So can I ask what is being put in this mod from the PC and Console versions? Can you like put up a list like this
blah blah blah
blah blah blah

Thank you.

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Re: Stuff kept from Console and PC  [SOLVED]

Post by » 5 years ago

The overall look and feel of the game got more elements from the Nightfire PC version.
Most maps ( Romania, Casino, Caviar etc..) are from the PC version. Yet there are also maps from the Console version coming to Source, Skyrail for example.
The current weapons are based from the Nightfire PC version, yet there might come some Console weapons too.
But there will come more elements from the Console version coming to Nightfire Source, for example the vechiles, which wasn't in the PC version.

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Re: Stuff kept from Console and PC

Post by DreamsOfCyanide » 3 years ago

I hope for Atlantis to make a return.That had to be the best map in NightFire.
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