Nightfire Source Without Steam?

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Re: Nightfire Source Without Steam?

Post by Pixieee » 2 years ago

In Nightfire (classic PC game) you could fill up the entire server with bots and not just four, so I am not quite sure which Console you are comparing with. You could either click the button to fill it with some pre-set percentage, or just add bots via the '(Developer)' Console (~/`).

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Re: Nightfire Source Without Steam?

Post by click4dylan » 2 years ago

PC was limited to 12 bots (though I was able to remove that limit), PS2 had four bots max, Xbox unsure, gamecube 6. But PS2 and xbox had uncompressed music and audio, Gamecube had horrible sound quality and music.

I believe there is a tutorial on how to use Steam in offline mode forever, without it asking you to run it. Edit: found it: ... mode-work/

I used that a long time ago when I needed offline mode long-term.

There was also another one that used a registry key that forced steam to always run in offline. You may find it in google somewhere, though it was a few years back.

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Re: Nightfire Source Without Steam?

Post by 007 Nightfire » 2 years ago

Hey thanks for this tutorial, I will check to see if this works on my computer. Steam having to update might have been the reason it was asking me to log in every time. Because I would NEVER update it. Hopefully this offline tutorial works, wish me luck! :yuck:

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Re: Nightfire Source Without Steam?

Post by KhromeKat » 2 years ago

just imagine if it became retail... :)
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Re: Nightfire Source Without Steam?

Post by Maxaxle » 2 years ago

KhromeKat wrote:just imagine if it became retail... :)
Impossible. EA and a million billion other copyright owners would come after us.

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