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Re: Do you need help?

Post by Shin » 5 years ago

They asked Native C++ or Visual C++?

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Re: Do you need help?

Post by » 5 years ago

UltimateSniper wrote:I would leave the publicity until the game is nearer completion, otherwise people will have lost interest by the time it's released.

(Maybe start with a version 0.9?)
? We haven't published or announced anything yet.. It was ... ce-engine/ who started with Nightfire Source and N4G copied it ... rce-engine and lots of other sites copied the information (false information) on their sites..

Nightfire Source is registered on several forums and websites, when we have a release date, we will take action with the announcing of Nightfire Source..

But this post isn't made in the right section and not in the right topic.

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Re: Do you need help?

Post by UltimateSniper » 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure it is, it's main objective is saying that we shouldn't need publicity folk just yet (directly related to the topic at hand).
I may have the answer to your question, but will you ever know the answer if you don't ask?
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