Job Application by CBMI6

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Job Application by CBMI6

Post by CBMI6 » 3 years ago

Hello guys,

I am applying for a job to assist in the development for Nightfire Source as I love the original game (on PC and Console) and what you have managed to create so far for Source. I live in England so can speak/type good English and would not class myself as a "rude" person so I hope that qualifies for the third point on the application. Also, I have new ideas as well as things to include from the console games and with some assets from the Gamecube version of the game and my own/found royalty free assets from the internet I hope to be able to officially work on the project. (The Gamecube assets would only be used until new HD ones can be created.) Although I do not always have a lot of free time (currently studying for exams doesn't help) I do tend to modify some part of the original game a week or add a new thing in my "Nightfire Source Custom Files" folder I have created. I also do not have the best knowledge of using the Source Engine but hope to learn as much as I can to be able to help with anything that needs it. For regular Nightfire, I mostly create maps and mini-missions, and new player skins as well (If you would like examples please let me know) so I hope to do exactly that for Source. I would really like to be a part of the awesome team that is making a great game even better and hope you consider allowing me to join the team.

Thank you for reading and any problems please let me know,

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