Antialiasing and "Classic Timing"

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Antialiasing and "Classic Timing"

Post by Diem » 3 years ago


I've had 007 Nightfire for PC for years, but never installed it. I just recently got around to doing it out of nostalgia (I got it because I loved the GameCube/Xbox versions, but now that I have a good gaming PC, I can really enjoy it). I made sure to check up on what I need to do, and I have the latest (5.91) community patch installed. I'm amazed that this game has an active fanbase 14 years later!

But now on to what I need to ask.

Antialiasing doesn't seem to work for me. I try to turn it up in the game, but when I hit "Apply" it resets to 0, and the menu's frame rate drops. Setting it in the launcher settings doesn't seem to change anything, either. Also in the launcher settings, there's a checkbox for "Classic Timing" that I can't find any documentation of. What does it do? And in the launcher settings again, the color setting is set to "24" which I think means 24-bit? In the game, my setting is to 32-bit, the maximum. What's going on there?

If someone could help me with these two issues, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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