Mouse no longer working properly

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Mouse no longer working properly

Post by InfiniteSheldor » 3 years ago

Hey guys.

I've decided to learn how to speedrun the game from Ricecooker's run, and when I loaded up a multiplayer server to learn to P-Jump. All of a sudden, I couldn't move. I paused and redid the controls... When my mouse stopped working.

It's like playing Classic Bond on the console version or 1.1 on GoldenEye 64 - Moving my mouse forward and backwards moves forwards and backwards, while moving it left and right... Makes Bond look left or right. I can't look up or down at all. Even after clearing EVERY control setting, restarting my laptop and even after uninstalling and re-installing the game. The cursor in the menus work fine, but not while in gameplay. The game had worked perfectly fine until it happened last night, and I don't know what's happening. Any help is appreciated :)
James Bond speedrunning enthusiast.

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