Windows 7? How to start program

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Windows 7? How to start program

Post by shadowzgoth » 3 years ago

Hi guys,

I am new to this but have been playing 007 Nightfire for ages, problem is whilst it worked for me on Windows XP SP3, it does not seem to want to work on Windows 7, yet I can still install from the disk.

I tried calling EA Games, they forwarded me onto Gearbox Software who in turn, despite denying that it's their game for some odd reason, forwarded me onto here.

So to reiterate, the game will install from disk, but when I double click the desktop icon it will not bring up the expected 007 Nightfire screen, other EA games like NFS Most Wanted work properly.

I've tried setting the properties of the game to play to a different OS setting (to trick it) and tried command prompt, but no luck.

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Re: Windows 7? How to start program

Post by Rise2Shine » 3 years ago


You can also download the latest version of the game here, Then start the game and let it run the updater so you are sure you have the latest release. That way you will also be able to play multiplayer on the new masterserver hosted by click4dylan, the one who also made the patch, and is the Nightfire Source project leader.

EA and Gearbox Software will not help you further. EA totally 'forgot' about Nightfire PC, as if they never released it, their support was gone way too soon. Gearbox Software doesn't care either.
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