Decompiler making life easier

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Decompiler making life easier

Post by 005 » 6 years ago

I've been hard at work making the decompiler even better, making things work in map ports. While I'm sure there will be a lot of completely remade maps, where the thing is gutted and only the basic outline is used, I'd bet there is a demand for "classic" maps, like they have in GoldenEye: Source.

I've been working hard to make that easier to do. And with that I'm happy to demonstrate working entity I/O.

Both these maps are direct recompiles into the Source engine. The only editing I did in Hammer was to add spawn points.

Note the working airlocks, and climbable ladders.

Note that these aren't in any way final builds of the maps (my versions probably won't even get anywhere near the mod) but this is a demonstration of the work being done. I've given Bullets this new version of the decompiler and hope to release it pubically quite soon.

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Re: Decompiler making life easier

Post by » 6 years ago

Yup, many respect from me. Without your tool it would be impossible / way harder to get the same piece of maps. Thanks for updating the decompiler, he works great!

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Re: Decompiler making life easier

Post by Le Flic » 6 years ago

Hi5 3,

i tried the new decomp for fun and i found it much better than the old version included in the nfbsp2 suite.

I wonder why it is still not published.

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Re: Decompiler making life easier

Post by Vanquished » 4 years ago


Is that decompiler still available? It would really help lighten the workload
on the campaign which is going to take ages anyways.


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