Used to play in 02 or 03 a lot

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Used to play in 02 or 03 a lot

Post by BBS » 4 years ago

Hi, I downloaded the game and installed it randomly. Really brings back a lot of memories. I used to play online a lot back in 2002 and 2003. I was 12/13 at the time. My family moved across the world so I stopped playing it. I recognized Ricecookers name on here which really made me laugh. There was another person from back then that was insane but I can't remember there name. I also don't know what name I used. I remember I got into a one or two clans and I think it was called MOD or something? I think I played in one clan match and it was sooo much harder than normal :lol:

Can you still play it online? I'm so busy these days I wouldn't have a lot of time to play so if it's difficult to set up to play online. I'd have to try when I have more time.

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Re: Used to play in 02 or 03 a lot

Post by Ricecooker » 4 years ago

welcome back, whoever you are 8-)

you can still play online but sadly the game is pretty dead. not sure how many players are still around

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Re: Used to play in 02 or 03 a lot

Post by Rise2Shine » 4 years ago

The official masterserver by GameSpy was shut down, together with a lot of other games. Click4Dylan decided to create his own and add it to the patches he was making for the game for years. So patched players could still play on the custom masterserver, but I even doubt if there's anyone left at this moment.

I would recommand you to wait for Nightfire Source! ;)
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