Gearcraft links?

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Gearcraft links?

Post by KhromeKat »

Hello all i want to ask if any has any links to gearcraft i have a great map in mine problem is i dont have the textures for gearcraft yes i have gearcraft but not the textures can any help? thank you :D
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Re: Gearcraft links?

Post by baggylotto »


i am not sure since im noob, but i think if you already unpacked the assets.007 file (using Dragon Unpacker) so you have all the textures and models etc. then try this file ... x/bond.fgd

goto gearcraft>config> and in configurations tab under "Game Data files" click Add and put Bond.fgd
*also add all other directories like bond and bond/maps etc.

hope it works

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Re: Gearcraft links?

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What baggys says is right, you need to assign the right map for the Bond map, Nightfire map, texture map etc... I would this fgd instead of his. ... newest.fgd

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