start the game and others

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start the game and others

Post by chrisTRAOD » 4 years ago

Hello! i'm new here and i would like to start this game and i need to know how i can do to install it and enjoy 100% the game, and more because is James Bond! :D
if you have some things to teach me i will receive it :D

2.someone can help me contacting with Click4dylan?? i know that is not about nightfire but if you can help me....
in him youtube chanel have some videos for angel of darkness where is an excelent control fix that i need to play my game, can you help me please?
and i dont know if there are the posibility to integrate the glasses and the dual pistols in the patch? maybe it would be excelent :D

thanks for your time and i hope that you can help me.


Re: start the game and others

Post by Pixieee » 4 years ago


1. Anything about installing the alpha updater and game can be found here: viewforum.php?f=29

2. You can find Dylan under the same nickname he uses on this forum at Skype or Steam, whatever you prefer.

Welcome :)

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