Returning to Nightfire

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Returning to Nightfire

Post by irishmediclad » 3 years ago

Hi all,

Have been looking for an active NF community for a while now... Haven't played since 2006/2007 but man, had some amazing times playing online with this game. Probably my first experience in online gaming. I used make skins/reskins and played with the [BOT] clan but stopped playing towards the end of high school, start of Uni. I'm looking forward to this (Dylan, you're bloody awesome bro) and helping any way that I can.

Long live NF!!

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Re: Returning to Nightfire

Post by Maxaxle » 3 years ago

I'm not sure if there's a community here per se, but I'd be up for a few matches as soon as I reinstall NF (and yes, it's been long enough since my last multiplayer match that I haven't needed to keep NF installed).

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Re: Returning to Nightfire

Post by Rise2Shine » 3 years ago

You know it's completely dead and has like 0 players daily. Highest amount of players I've seen in weeks at once is 4, which barely happens.
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Re: Returning to Nightfire

Post by Shin » 3 years ago

Pretty much this is the only active '007:Nightfire' community and yeah, the original Nightfire game is sadly dead which is unfortunate but you can always look forward to try Nightfire Source, You can also contribute into further game development by sharing your ideas and things you'd like to see in the future.
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