Nightfire Reloaded

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Nightfire Reloaded

Post by MaxPower1716 » 2 years ago

Does anybody know what happened to this ?
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Re: Nightfire Reloaded

Post by click4dylan » 2 years ago

They didn't want anything to do with the nightfire PC community helping to develop it. They were going to make theirs in the Unreal engine (Why? Source is very similar to the GoldSrc and even the Quake 3 engine that Nightfire Console used). As far as I know, they were asking EA/Activision permission to make it, and as per EA/Activision default, they never got a response, just as we never got a response from Gearbox or EA about any tools for the original Nightfire PC. As far as I have read, it's perfectly legal to do a fan remake of a favorite game as long as it does not use copyrighted trademarks (for example, it should not use the word James Bond in its name, or 007, or use any of the assets of the original game, which we are slowly getting rid of as development goes forward in Nightfire Source). I also think the Nightfire Reloaded 'team' wanted money to kickstart their project. It never got anywhere. Just a lot of hype and no presentation.

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