My General Feedback

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My General Feedback

Post by Novustorious » 4 years ago

Hi there.

I have just downloaded and played Nightfire Source and I have to say the game is standing tall.

As a general feedback, I'd like to point out that the game obviously has bugs and what have you. I like the main menu screen and the theme is awesome, I have already downloaded the song before trying the game (I have snooped around and saw couple of videos of the game and the main menu song is really good). The gameplay is rather neat. I like how the gun feels and how it shoots as well but I think the movement is too fast, maybe slow down a little. I can see the map needs working on, especially skyrail which made me feel nostalgic.

Overall I can see the game shining and keep it up guys!

- Smighton2k / Novustorious

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