From the perspective of a console player (Suggestions/Feedback)

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From the perspective of a console player (Suggestions/Feedback)

Post by CoherentBass » 3 years ago

I'd like to begin by telling you how happy it makes me to see this project in action. As an avid Bond fan and someone who FREQUENTLY played the console version back in 2005 and the years to follow, it does me well to see what is probably my favorite Bond game being restored in the Source Engine.

I hadn't even known about there being a PC release of Nightfire until just recently. Not until I looked into NF:S, as a matter of fact. What I've discovered though is that both games, in most all respects but the plot, are drastically different from one another. Nowhere are these differences more prevalent than in the game's multiplayer, in which the PC version plays more like a game of Counter-Strike than the traditional console Bond that most players know. I have noticed that at this stage in the mod's development, that it is based predominantly on this version, and for understandable reason. However, for the mod to indeed "[contain] the best parts of both [versions] and [turn] them even better", I feel that it is necessary to add in a few features from the console release to really and truly be sure that all fans of Nightfire, PC and console players alike, will enjoy NF:S.

Suggestion 1: Precision Aiming

In the console version of Nightfire, and in the Bond shooters that came before it, there would be a button on the controller to allow for precision aiming; moving a more precise crosshair around the screenspace to more easily land shots. While it's a fair to say that the mouse offers increased aiming capabilities in its own right, this feature is quite important to give those who played on the console originally an experience they can thoroughly enjoy and find familiar. See GoldenEye: Source's aiming for what I mean in practice.

Suggestion 2: Crosshair (and HUD?) Customization

In some Source games, the player has the option to choose a crosshair. I feel this is a perfect opportunity to give NF:S players the ability to choose between the standard red crosshair used in the console version of Nightfire and the blue one used in the PC version. To expand upon this, I wonder if it's possible to add options for one to customize the HUD to more closely resemble the console version (Perhaps even an option between the multiplayer health bar and the Green/Yellow/Red gunbarrel health meter?), just to give that extra nostalgia factor.

Suggestion 3: Console Weapons and Stages

I saw that the console maps are in the process of being recreated and added, and this is absolutely amazing to hear. I imagine this has already been taken into consideration too, but if the console weapons are added as well, it would help so much.

Suggestion 4: Joypad and Controller Support

If this hasn't already been integrated, this would an excellent feature, especially if some players want to really relive the experience of playing console Nightfire.

Suggestion 5: The Option to Select a Playermodel

Not of utmost importance by any means, but it would be a neat feature to be able to select which character you wanted to play as, especially in the team-based scenarios.

Suggestion 6: More Gamemodes

This is another thing that I'm pretty sure is already a planned feature, but I'm going to throw it in here just to be safe.

I understand that some of these features would be a massive undertaking to add to the game, especially with the number of developers the project currently has. Though, these are only suggestions that I feel would make the mod feel less foreign to those used to the console version. Whether these are taken into consideration or not, I'll still be keeping up with the project. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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